From the moment we stepped out of the car at Riding In The Clouds – we knew this experience would surpass our expectations! Wow - we sure were right! The first thing we saw were a couple mares being turned out with their foals - into a beautiful, lush green pasture. The sight of them running - and sound of their hooves – as they ran to the paddock - brought tears to my eyes!

The barn and stalls are so clean and well-maintained – and just one look at the happy, healthy horses and observing their interaction with everyone who works here -indicates the superior care these animals receive. They are respected – and allowed to be ‘horses’! We even got to groom them before they were saddled up!

Bobby was the best guide ever! After giving us proper instruction – and even putting my camera around his neck to take photos of us…he led us through gorgeous trails and fields. If I had to pick a favorite spot on the ride, it might be where we could hear a brook rushing (or waterfall). It was the ultimate encounter with nature and beauty and being on the wonderful horses was simply the best experience we could have asked for!

Before leaving – Bobby took the amazing and sweet Zeus out of the barn and we got some great photos with him! I got to photograph and capture the bond he and Zeus have! Despite adverse weather reports – predicting 100% chance of rain - the weather ended up being almost as perfect as the well-mannered horses and their loving, caring, friendly and welcoming caregivers!! I’m still smiling and it’s been over 2 weeks since our visit! My high school friends, Karen, Deb and I had planned this adventure for months and here we were! What a way to celebrate the year we all turn 60! If anyone reading this is ‘on the fence’ about going…I say, “Giddyup!…What are you waiting for? Don’t walk – trot, canter or gallop over there as fast as you can!”

- Patti Genest , Wells, Maine

My wife and I always have an amazing time when we come to Riding in the Clouds. We love the staff, service, and of course the animals.

- JD's Tavern

We went to Castle In the Clouds for brunch on Mother's Day and had reservations for horseback riding.........OMG, What a great time!! The staff was wonderful and the horses..........just GREAT!! My daughter and I went riding and just had a FANTASTIC time!! They walk you thru everything you need to know and pick the perfect horse for you!! I am a little fresh from time to time......well they put me on Colt.....I LOVE that horse!!! Zeus was just AMAZING!! I can't say enough about this place other than, GO GO GO and have a BLAST!!! It is well worth the money!!!!! LOVE YOU GUYS!!

- Natalie & Patti

On Saturday, October 15th, my family had the pleasure of visiting the Castle for the first time and worked some horseback riding into our schedule and in between raindrops.  What a great way to spend some time with the family and the great outdoors!  Isaac was our WONDERFUL guide and immediately put us at ease as did your  beautiful horses (Montana, Daisy, Colt and Candy).  We can’t wait to do this again and look forward to reserving some time with Isaac  next year as the day was perfect and we wouldn’t change a thing.  Isaac was kind enough to bring Zeus out so we could meet him up close and personal.  Your entire operation is nothing short of topnotch!

Many, many thanks!

- Alyce, Chris & Logan Morris (age 9) and Freya (age 12)

"A wonderful riding experience for novice and experienced rider alike.  Horses were happy, handsome and well behaved.  Also the scenery could not be beat."

- Kim Paine, Vernon NY

- Stephanie Lamb, Endicott NY

"I had a fabulous day riding at Castle in The Clouds even though it was a drizzley day. The view is breath taking. I loved having lunch in the former stable and the food was fab!!!!  It was definitely a five star experience! p.s. you have got to see Zeus!"

- Jeanne Collins, Manchester NH

"My friends introduced me to Castle In The Clouds last year and the beautiful setting that nestles the barn and horses. As a novice rider, I embarked upon signing up for a trail ride. Little did I know that I would be hooked! Not only with the majestic views and magical mountain top trails for hiking and riding,  but with the experience of riding horses that are so well cared for and a joy to ride.  At the end of the ride, the stable is a beautiful and peaceful place where you can interact with the horses.  The staff are so welcoming and friendly that you can't help but return for more!"

- Lidia Dale-Mesaros, Campton NH

"During my visit to NH I visited the Castle Horses and had the best time possible. The place is wonderful, the welcome I received was warm and genuine and the horses just fantastic! I haven't laughed like that for years.  Can' wait to go back on my  next visit."

- Gabriella Oswald, Manchester England

"I had the opportunity to ride at Castle in the Clouds this spring. The trails were fantastic, with lots of interesting terrain and great scenery. The horses were lovely and very well behaved. A really enjoyable experience"

- Karen Ramstead, Alberta Canada

"I had the opportunity to ride at Castle in the Clouds this spring. The trails were fantastic, with lots of interesting terrain and great scenery. The horses were lovely and very well behaved. A really enjoyable experience"

- Gail Castonguay, Holderness NH 

"What a wonderful way to spend an afternoon riding beautiful, gentle horses over shaded forest trails and mountain pathways.  It is great to connect with Nature in a peaceful spot. I look forward to riding again this year with my family and friends."

- Linda Isabelle, Wolfeboro NH 

"After almost 15 years I decided to go horseback riding again.  I researched many places in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, with out much luck.  Most places didn't appeal to me, they seemed to have many, many restrictions.  The last time I rode a horse was at a stable in Massachusetts, it was not a very nice time.  The stable was in a residential area and not much scenery.  All you could really see was houses and highways.  Then my nieces suggested I come up to NH and try Riding in the Clouds on the estate of the castle.  I decided that I would and boy am I glad they convinced me!  The estate was beautiful, the stable was clean, the horses were well fed, healthy and definitely loved by their owners.  My nieces chose "Maverick" for me to ride, he was so well behaved and responded to all my commands.  Riding along the wooded trails and stream was very soothing and peaceful, unlike the fast pace of life that we have created in this day and age.  Any stress that I may have had was released within 5 minutes of riding Maverick.  Had the best time in a very long time.  Plan on going back every chance I get and do it again.  If you want to get away from this hectic world....go horseback riding in the clouds!!!"

- Carl Berg, Tyngsboro MA

Sally Fichet, 66, had a stroke on 1998. It crippled her. Nearly her whole right side was paralyzed, with the exception of her hip.  One of the things she dearly loved but which she was told she’d never do again was riding horses. Thirteen years later, she proved her doctors wrong. She rode Sniper, an older male, but still with the spirit of youth behind his gray-green eyes.

With the help of Bob and Isaac Perry, the staff of Castle in the Cloud Riding Stables, she mounted Sniper, who let out a long, surprised whinny. Then Sally found her stirrups, gathered her reins into her left hand, and kicked her left foot to go, gently at first, so Sniper could feel the difference without becoming  too alarmed at being kicked from one side instead of two. All the time, Bob and Isaac were at Sniper's nose but their hands were free. Off the whole crowd went, at a walk.

Sally was too happy for words. For ten minutes, she walked Sniper, stopped Sniper, walked Sniper again, with Bob and Isaac at his nose but without touching him. The young men were speechless. They had never seen a little gray-haired old lady with a cane get up on a horse and ride, as if mounting Sniper had some spell to make her younger, just for a second.

Ten minutes later, Sally stopped Sniper for the last time, Bobby came over to help her down, and they said goodbye. “I’ll never forget this ride. It seems small, but to me, it’s an event I’ll remember.” Isaac let Sniper loose to go back to the barn on his own.

Finally, as Sally was getting into the car, Isaac yelled,  “Sniper missed the barn. He’s way over in the pasture, saddle on… eating his lunch!”


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