(some of our horses are rescues)



Bumble Bee is a gorgeous black Tennessee Walking horse cross.  His striking good looks and beautiful, wavy mane and tail always catch everyone's eyes. Isaac's favorite lead horse!



Shogun is a Appaloosa.  He is a stocky, tough fellow with neat markings!  Great lead horse.


 Flint is a young Grullo colored Quarter Horse.  Very handsome!



 Thumper is a stocky, beautiful black Quater Horse mare.  You can usually find her in the back of the lineup with Lyra & Lily.



Fiona is a Appaloosa.  She is such a love!  Great for any rider and mellow as can be.



Chip is a stunning Belgian Draft horse.  Did we say he is stunningly handsome?  Chip is a big love and powerhouse!



Pete is also a Belgian Draft Horse.  He is a carriage & trail horse. He is such a flashy boy with one blue eye. 


 Fred is Belgian Draft horse.  He is a retired pulling horse and a big baby!  Great for sleigh rides and trail rides.
 Largest horse in the barn at about 2,200 lbs.



 Jerry is a stunning black Percheron.  Awesome carriage horse and trail horse.



 Jim is a very handsome Shire/Percheron cross.  As gentle and loving as they come.  He is best friends with Jerry.  Carriage & trail horse. 
 Everyone falls in love with Jim.


Bella was born April 2013 to Drummer & Candy.  She is very beautiful and loaded with personality!


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